Wurfplanung 2021 -Zahra-

Emmett (Softmaple's Stand and Be Liver at Flyway) aus den USA und unsere Zahra (Curly of Blueway Brings Zahra To Chesscurl) ist eine sehr interessante Verpaarung. Ich erwarte, dass aus dieser Verpaarung sehr agile und bewegungsfreudige Welpen die durch ihre Arbeitsanlagen in vielen Bereichen einsetzbar sind. Zahra und Emmett bestechen durch ihre Lust und Freunde mit ihren Menschen zu arbeiten und durch ihren 'will to please'. Emmett kann Prüfungen im Bereich Agility, Raily Obedience, Coursing und Trick Dog. Er hat den Titel Junior Hunter und hat mehrere Working Certifikate Excellent vom Curly-Coated Retriever Club in den USA. Im Bereich Show ist er Grand Champion.


Hier eine Beschreibung seiner Besitzerin:

Emmett is quite versatile. The titles he has are in agility (titled in AKC agility and NADAC), lure coursing, hunting (has a Junior hunter and a Working certificate, working certificate in UPLAND and a working certificate Excellent title from the CCR club in America). He is a Grand Champion SHOW Champion and the first liver male in America to do so. He has some Barn Hunt titles- scent work type hunting games in America. Also Rally/Obedience titles. 
Emmett is quite active, needs a lot of exercise. He is very friendly with kids- loves them in fact. He is tolerant of most people. He can be reserved with men, but was shown many times with males judges and finished his Grand Championship under a man.  He is good running with other dogs, however he doesn't share toys or food with other dogs well. Nothing I would expect most any other dog to do.  He doesn't seek out dogs to fight with and is stable in public- not shy/tail tucked or fearful like many curlies I have seen. 
Emmett has a clownish and goofy personality. He has a sense of humor. He wants to work at whatever you want to do. A LOT of retrieving drive. We were starting to work on Senior hunter but we moved houses and life got in the way. His kids have fantastic personalities, very sweet and outgoing.


Auch seine Gesundheitsergebnisse sprechen für ihn. Er ist EIC ,DM , GSD IIIa und cord1-PRA/ crd4 frei. Hüfte A2, Ellenbogen frei, Herzuntersuchung ohne Befund.